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Billing & Collections Management

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Streamline Your Revenue Cycle

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficient revenue cycle management is the backbone of financial stability. But between coding complexities, insurance hurdles, and patient collections, staying afloat can feel like swimming against a current of paperwork. At Travis Consulting, we're here to throw you a lifebuoy.

Our Expertise


  • Medical Billing & Coding: Our certified professionals accurately interpret procedures and diagnoses, maximizing reimbursements and minimizing denials.

  • Claims Management: We navigate the insurance maze, ensuring timely submissions and resolving discrepancies to secure rightful payments.

  • Patient Collections: Our empathetic and professional team recovers outstanding balances while preserving patient relationships.

  • Denial Management: We fight denials head-on, leveraging expertise and technology to maximize reimbursements and prevent revenue loss.

  • Data Analytics & Reporting: We unlock insights from your data, providing actionable intelligence to optimize your revenue cycle and identify areas for improvement.

  • Technology Solutions: We implement cutting-edge software that streamlines processes, improves communication, and boosts staff efficiency.

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If you desire a proposal for specific services or wish to schedule a telephone conference with our consultants.

3403 TC Jesters Blvd #1036

Houston, Texas 77018


Tel: 832-910-9367

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